Monday, October 29, 2007

How to Wear that Gucci/YSL Spring 2008

[photo credits:]

YSL pants and Gucci top

Stefano Pilati constructed some amazing basic pants and skirt that will go with most wardrobe you have or will have. Check out the collection here: YSL Spring 2008

left photo: ysl top and bottom
right photo: chanel top & glove; ysl bottom

For Chanel Spring 2008, Karl used bright colors so mute it with a more basic bottom to still give it that pop. The Chanel piece by itself are more for lounging, I feel. But by pairing with the YSL pants, the lounging dress is turned into a more casual outfit, giving it more versatility.

Collections: Chanel Spring 2008 | Yves Saint Laurent(YSL) Spring 2008 | Gucci Spring 2008


Anonymous said...

is this the beginning of something grand dahling?

Tabitha said...

karl lagerfeld is almost as genius as you are <3