Friday, November 30, 2007

Photographer du jour: Chris Nicholls

I j'adore Chris Nicholls today. I found the editorial he did for Flare Magazine November 2007 called, Belle Epoque. I love how it's reminiscing of the flapper style, especially with the lighting. But the background alludes to this depressive modernity.

[Photo credit: Chris Nicholls]

That Dolce & Gabbana Fall '07 feather plume dress (the last picture) is EVERYWHERE (editorial wise; haven't seen many wearing it to events). I love it though.

Website: Chris Nicholls | Flare Magazine | Dolce & Gabbana Fall '07

G-Star por favor

[Photo credit:]

So I always see G-Star Raw ads all over the place. In the streets, in the magazines, on the train, everywhere. So I was on this website and there they were, again! I checked out the website and...I'm a fan. I also came across it when this guy was sitting next to me on the subway wearing a dark G-Star dark 3/4 coat. I thought he was from the army because it was so immaculate and its architecturally appealling. DO you know what I'm talking about? Army people tend to have their shirts, dress, pants, shoes, hair, nail pressed so everything looks well put together, very flawless, very...structured. The guy had a buzz cut so that only support me thinking he was in the army or something. That day, I almost wanted to join the army or navy to get my hands on that coat/jacket. After getting off the subway and flipping through magazines, I realized it was a brand.


I love the ads, and how it clearly defines what the brand is all about. Many times, it's hard for people to brand. Looking at Louis Vuitton, they changed dragstically over the years and with Marc Jacobs aboard, I have no idea who his target clientelle is. Everyone? Don't get me wrong, I love Marc-y Marc but like the branding, gets a little lost. You can only take it season by season with brands like that. The only other brand I know that is consistent is Balenciaga with its futuristic appeal.

I digress. G-Star is structured, architecturally contrived and totally wearable. It's like Diesel and where it should be...I should have an entry on Diesel someday...ha. I want everything that G-star offers. Even though its monotone, there's so much variation and detail that none of the pieces are boring.

Judge for yourself:

Website: G-Star

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Japanese Vogue Dec 2007

If I got to decide to work at Paris Vogue or Japanese Vogue, it would be a hard one. Paris is so much more progressive and forward, while Japense is so much more articulate. This editorial in Japanese Vogue Dec 2007. I'm not a women and I lust after them...Daniel Jackson, the photographer, and Alastair McKimm, fashion editor sure knows how to deliver( along with Meghan Collison, the model, of course). It's editorials like these that I wish I could blow up to 10 feet in height and just hang it on my walls.

Click for larger views...

[Christian Dior(left) | Giorgio Armani(right)]

[Nina Ricci(left) | Givenchy(right)


[Rodarte(left) | Giles(right)]

Photo Credit: Japanese Vogue

Throwback: King Karl

[Photo Credit:]

There's a reason why Karl Lagerfeld is the designer of Chanel (along with Fendi and his own collection). There's a reason why everyone is willing to spend tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands for his cells and creative juice to be on the fibers of their dresses, bags, etc.

He. understands. Everything.

I was roaming and I found that the Numero 10's cover of Karl (taken by him!) says so much with so little. His posture, the curling of the fingers, the arch of the feet, the fluidity of his body as though he's lighter than air and blown eastward. The crown pendant, the high neck, the cheekbone, etc. So much details!, but the black and white brings it all back: the simplicity. When you look at Chanel, Fendi, & Karl L. collections, many times at first look, if you're not used to him, you kind of get taken aback and wonder what just happened. But as the days continues, maybe weeks or months and you look at the collection more and more, followed by the editorials, you start noticing the greatness that is Karl.


[Rest of the collection: Chanel Spring 2008 ]
[Photo credit:

Honestly! Chanel Spring 2008, first look: what is going on? It may be because I'm more used to the traditional Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn glamour poofy-dress style that Oscar De La Renta and Valentino gives. But then I remember what Chanel stood for, adrogyny and that ambiguity of sportwear (not to the extrem of Hedi Slimane's Dior Homme) because she believed that women can be strong like men too. Reminded of what Chanel stood for helps me understand the Chanel collection better. As time went by, I could see the desire for it, the environment it could be placed in, the people that would wear it (aside from Chinese millionaire women, and some men probably). He creates structure and pieces that are foreign to the mind, possibly new so of course with the first reaction, you retract, you don't really have a good taste for it. But then a desire builds, and then he presents you the whole image and you lust afterward. And that whole process, that understanding, that desire at the end, all of these things, that's Karl.

What am I trying to say? The Numero Homme 10(top picture)'s cover is the epitome of Karl Lagerfeld.

Explore: Chanel Spring 2008 | Fendi Spring 2008 | Karl Lagerfeld 2008

Rami, Project Runway first, Prada Next?

I was looking at the results from yesterday's Project runway and Rami's design reminded me of Prada's high collars for fall 2007. More about: RAMI (click for bio).

Last night's challenge was menswear. I don't think project runway ever did menswear before (this is the fourth season). Either way, Rami's tailoring, cut, design referenced Prada's short collars. Only if the pants were a little more snugged it might as well have been. Well, Prada Fall 2007, except for the color. The color was more Banana Republic. Either way, I like it.

[Left: Prada F/W '07 | Right: Rami]
[Photo credit: &]

Look at: Episode 3 menswear designs | Prada Fall/Winter 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jealous of Mendez (well... Afanador really)

Photographer: Ruven Afanador
Model: Cecilia Mendez

I've been on a "I feel really artistic and avant garde, change the world, and I will" kick lately. But seeing pictures like these are really discouraging. How the concept formulate? The location, the pose, the model, the lighting, the colors, the clothes, the everything! I doubt there's that much thinking that goes into it, but assuming that these things come natural and fall into place for the photographer and stylist is intimidating for someone with (an absurd) aspiration like myself. I enjoy though.


Alessandro Dell'Acqua Spring/Summer 2008

The cut, the clean colors, the geometric shapes! I love this collection. The pants are nicely fitted; the shirt, young but not intimidating to wear. I love that t-shirt on the top right corner. The rustic sunset red color at the bottom and the blotch of red that seems to rise from it. I also love the slacks! I'm scared of looseness but I actually want to wear that. I think it may be for people that are 6' maybe I could find one proportionate to me.

[Photo Credit:]

I prefer Spring/Summer colors to be airy and light. For some reason, designers tend to go way too dark for me. This is a good collection to show the lightness that's Spring, but at the same time not pushing it too much.

Collection: Alessandro Dell'Acqua Spring/Summer 2008

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chanel Resort '08; Forget the Hips, Give Me the (Thin) Lips

[photo credit:]
Models: Claudia Schiffer & Brad Koenig

I kind of want that aviator jumpsuit(fourth picture) as pajama for the cold harsh Philly nights. Chanel aviator jumpsuit pajamas will keep me flying through my dreams, warmly. For the price (I'm assuming $1000+), it should be warm.

I love the orange red coat and pieces in the second picture. I just picture a girl walking down the street and popping out of the crowd. Be noticed.

As for men, I like the pants but I could never be able to pull off a sleeveless shirt. That's too manly for me. However, I am attracted to Brad Koenig. He is totally blue-steel-ing. Those thin lips! What is up with the majority of models with thin lips? I have big, luscious, thick, voluptuous lips. Ok, maybe not that extreme but they're not paper-cut thin.

His lips are so hot! By the way, Karl Lagerfeld shoots all of the ads. If you look at the first picture, with Brad, by his right armpit (your left), you could see a little blurred; i.e. Photoshop?! Karl uses Photoshop just like all Myspace kids. You should go check out the cruise collection. He presented it in L.A. with jets and all.

Collection: Chanel Cruise 2008

Mary-kateciaga,Inspirational Muse?

[photo credit: Nylon]

I wonder if Nylon provided that Balenciaga Fall '07 dress for her or that's what she wore to the shoot. It's sort of known that Ghesquiere, the designer, is fond of the Olsons.

"Now that I'm older I'm more aware of the things that make me feel complete as a person. I'm trying to concentrate on those things as opposed to things that make me feel empty."

Pretty big statement for such a little girl. She can get pretty big (height wise) since she likes her heels, "It’s funny, recently I’ve done a few interviews where I’ve totally been myself and they couldn’t get past the fact that I wore heels. Yes, I’m wearing heels! Headline: Wearing Heels, once again. I’m short; I like to wear heels; it makes my legs look longer (laughs). Sorry!

So maybe she's not really an inspirational muse, but seriously, that (first)quote hit me. She's what... 21? 22? 23? 50? 15? 21? I'm 20 and unable to know what completes me, let alone even attempt to explore what completes me. Perhaps a lack of dispensable income doesn't allow me a team of therapist to tell me what they are or muti thousand dollar bags to keep the cold winds out...Most of the time I just have convoluted thoughts floating around murkey water and end up paralized with anxiety and a bucket of KFC chicken. I do, however, enjoy that convolution sometimes.

But you know what? I want to be more aware of the things that make me feel complete becase it sounds pleasant. I don't want to focus on the things that make me feel empty because then I want to eat and eating is a no no. Joking aside, I'll attempt it because lack of sleep last night for some reason ignited a crazed within me today. So that's my goal for the aware of the things that make me feel complete. I know clothes is one of them...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Vogue Italia (Art in) Beauty

Photographer: Michaelangelo di Battista
Magazine: Vogue Italia Beauty

[photo credit: Vogue Italia Beauty]

I'm not aware of other editorials Michaelangelo di Battista have done but I like what he did with this shoot. The picture is layered by a two-dimensional drawing that mimics the model's make-up; and at the same time, capturing the model's expression. The model (Anna Maria Urajevskaya)and the picture that she's in act as a canvas while a plain piece of white paper with lines and colored shadows is placed over it. It reminds me of impressionalism with abstract expressionism.

These pieces are referencing impressionalism with abstract expressionism because the two-dimensional layered of the paper is simplistic in structure, but still alluding the model its mimicking. The impression that the artist, the photographer, has from the model and her make-up is blurred and simplified. The light in the eyes are no longer there; the wrinkles, the particular hairs are gone, replaced with basic lines and quick brushstrokes of watercolor.

Pictures like these are nice to look at because many times I look too much at details without remembering that sometimes a few characteristics are enough and pleasant. If only people are identifiable with a few lines and blurred so that I could have an expression of who the individual is, I would be left with more time to explore the company of the person(s) more than just assuming based on appearance.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Prada (resort '08) Prints and (line) Placements

Prada Resort 2008

[photo credit:]

How does one make a dress that seem as though Carolina Herrera would love to wear but modern enough for Chloe Sevigny to still adore over? I don't know but Prada's designer Miuccia does it. She has this eye for modernity but still referencing the traditional. When I see these dress I can't picture them in any other time, but I understand that this is where the modern conservative women would want, but still flexible enough that the bohemian dreamers wouldn't mind giving up their savings and stop buying vintage for a while. The dress seems timeless but so fitting with current time. The placement of the lines for the shoulder strap and the baring of the waist gives it this contrast against the soft muted colors and floral prints.

The cinch that's accentuated by the black line is toga referencing, which is VERY big in Spring 2008, but not pushing it enough to make it seem so.

Where can you wear this dress to? I imagine this woman sitting at a desk by a window writing a letter to her girlfriends as she looks out to her garden. The color is more subdued and more relax. I can also see her having afternoon drinks in the library with her girlfriends and then dancing in the sunroom. The dresses are just very calming and chic.

Collection: Prada Resort 2008

Resort 2008

Balenciaga Resort 2008

[photo credit:]

So I just realized Balenciaga's Resort '08 had some foreshadowing as to what Nicholas Ghesquiere wanted to do with Balenciaga's spring/summer '08 collection. The shoes plays an important role in the S/S ensemble. And on the floral patters of the dress on the right, you can see how that floral pattern is then applied to the structured dress for the S/S '08 collection. In a way, the resort collection is a transitional collection, perhaps alluding what to come. I wonder if Nicholas did it intentionally or was the S/S '08 collection an accidental progression of the ideas he useds in the Resort collection

Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2008