Friday, December 28, 2007

L.A. Style Watch

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I found this picture in and I loved it. A mother on a pastel purple bike, a House of Holland t-shirt, and royal blue shorts, which matches a piece of gear on her baby's bike-seat. I like this because she shows that being mom doesn't mean giving up personality. Her shirt says, "Cause me pain Hedi Slimane." Hedi Slimane was the designer of Dior Homme. Yes, House of Holland t-shirts are a season over, but her being able to wear a fun shirt like this and dress appropriately cute for a young mom makes her tres cute. Who said being a mom is stressful and ages you?

Buy House of Holland t-shirts here: House of Holland @ Barneys

Happy New Year from Dior

I opened my e-mail today and I saw this card and I thought I share it because it's wonderfully looking. Of course, would Galliano settled for anything less?


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More than fair, Flair

I found this editorial from Flair January 2005, shot by Patric Shaw and modeled by Dalia Dubrindyte. I love the set because it seems so liberating and calming. There's also drama to it, which I can relate to if I go away on vacation with a loved one. I guess the bottom line is that I could relate to the characters in their settings.

Did you notice her jaw-line? I love the pictures of her and the cigarettes. The clothes are also seemingly comfortable to wear. I kind of want them all. I like that the picture exude a carefree ambience. The clothes she wears are also androgynous, which is around the time when Hedi Slimane of Dior Homme made the style popular. I love the look of the suit on Dalia and I love the simplistic nature of a jeans and shirt in the picture she's looking at the records. Did I mention i love this set?

Source: Flair

Impulsive Gucci

495USD | 395USD

I got these Gucci shoes today. Why? I don't know. They're pretty? Hah. But I was talking to my friend and he said the reason why I got them was impractical. But are they? They make me feel good. I won't deny that I'm a superficial person. But if something makes you happy, can you really put a price to it? To a certain degree I don't want to rationalize why I bought it because I feel like that would cheapen it. But Gucci shoes have a history to them, like Ferragamo shoes, which I also got a pair of this Christmas. They're dependable, good shoes. Sure they're $890 total, but I think it's worth the value.

Anyway, I like my shoes. I'm excited to get them. I hope they don't get lost in transit or my neighbors steal them before I get home from Christmas break.


D&G Commercials

So I'm on a youtube kick but I also love these D&G homoerotic commercials. I love that D&G is so supportive of homo-erotica.

-D&G Commercial 1
that one is funny!
-D&G Commercial 2
the boys are cute
-D&G Commercial 3
-D&G Commercial 4
-D&G Commercial 5
-D&G Commercial 6
-D&G Commercial 7
-D&G Commercial 8
-D&G Commercial 9
One of my fav commercial of theirs so far.
-D&G Commercial 10

I love all the commercials where the people drop the watches in his or hers underwear.

Levi's Commercial. Love.

So whomever is the creative director for the Levi's commercials are hopeless romantic and has a very strong libido. But I love them all, as subtle as some may be. They're just something cute about all of it.

Don't you agree?

haha. I love this one.

Another great Levi's Commercial:

Tell me which one is your favorite! I'm sure you could find more on youtube too or wherever.

I'm running away with you, Dior Homme

Jamie Dornan for Dior Homme is so...lustful. I just had to sigh at the end of the commercial. The sensuality is just radiating. I love Dior Homme circa Hedi. I can't wait till his return in 2008.

Oddly enough, Jamie Dornan reminds me of Kris van assche, the current creative director of Dior homme, the one that took over Hedi.

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter '99: beyond its time

I love this video. It's so innovative and beyond its times! Dolce and Gabbana just did their recent collection featuring dresses in floral, splattered paint style. Alexander McQueen's collection is from 1999. It incorporate how fashion is also an art, it's exclusive, and that a dress is not just a dress by itself. But it's depending on all things around it. It's also touching on the influence of technology on fashion, not just through fabrics but prints. I love this video.

Alexander McQueen is one of the top fashion innovator of his generation. He encourages people to push through, establish their own trends. I applaud him.

More Alexander McQueen

Looney for Louis (Vuitton)

Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton. As much as sometimes I would like to stop caring about Marc Jacobs, his decisions are by far loud and clear, speaking in volumes. His collaboration with Takashi Murakami revitalized Louis Vuitton and in this video, we can see why. Marc doesn't create reality, he create some fantansy world that everyone wants to escape to, which is more than clear in his collections over and over again. Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

HSM= high salary musical

Exactly how much does High School Musical pay? Well over 500gs per member last I heard. Supposedly Vanessa Hudgens(the one on the right, and notoriously known for leaking nude pictures online) will get paid over one million for the third installment of High School Musical. The one on the left is Ashley Tisdale, she's one of the co-actor in HSM but she also sings so she has an extra income.

What amazes me is their style or at least their accessories. The whole leggings thing is getting old to me. So is the cardigan. I'm never a fan of trends. I think they're great for producers in setting up a desire so girls like these could spend spend spend so revenue can go up up up. But yes, I could never catch myself following trends because I would hate to look like everyone else. One of the things that I keep in mind when I step out is how will I stand out. Will I inspire people to wear what I wear?

But Either way, how are girls younger than 20 or 20 something spending over $1000 on Chanel and Balenciaga bags? Ashley has a Chanel bag and Vanessa has a Balenciaga bag. Do they have a stylists or are younger girls are becoming more aware of brands? Chanel has been trying to revitalize their brand to target a younger audience and seeing how Ashley is waving it around along with Nicoel Richie and Lindsay Lohan as excessive followers, Chanel must be doing something right. In their most recent London show for Pre-fall, it clear that they are trying to target a younger audience. So when I saw this, I didn't exactly think it's cool that High School Musical cast members meet outside of the studio, but I find it interesting that this picture shows how younger individuals are becoming more aware of fashion, more fashion conscious. I think they bags play a big role in their wardrobe. Don't you agree?

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Wannabe Wintour

[ Anna Wintour | Christina Ricci ]

People say you feel how you look, or you lok how you feel. An example would be if you're wearing black and look in disarray then you're probably depressed or down in the dumps, or having your period. In this case, if Christina Ricci looks like Anna Wintour, does she feels like the devil wearing prada? Do you like the look on Christina? I think she looks like one of those siamese cats. I think Anna's hair is more better because it's enlarged at the base opposed to Christina's whom's hair is too hugging and not enough volume at the bottom. It looks top heavy and her face is too boxed in and unnatural.

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Another Green Christmas

So this Christmas my parents got me an American Express Gift Card for $1000 and two pairs of shoes, one being Salvatore Ferragamo loafers and the other Cole Haan Moccasins. My dad also got me zoom lenses for my new camera. So the total was around $2000 worth. I was wondering how did within two years, my Christmas present escalated to such heights.

My parents are the type that just gives when you ask so when Christmas comes, we never really exchanged gifts or hand out presents to one another. This year was different. Was it because my mother acknowledged that I have an interest in fashion? Does the finance for living became inflated or have I just been a really good boy? The latter is doubtful. But either way, I got what I got. I can't complain. How much money does one gift to another and what is the scale of the giving? If you make less than 100gs a year, how much do you give a friend, a family? If you make more, how much more do you give? And vice versa, how much do you give someone when money is an issue and how much do you spend on someone who has bottomless income? Do you give more for someone who is fashionista opposed to someone who could really careless about what they wear? What do you get a fashionista? These were pretty much the questions that ran through my head this Christmas season.

Luckily, most of my friends this year opted out to not spend towards each other and just spend on each other so we could look great for each other. Or we could just go out to dinner and enjoy each other and not worry about the bill. As a safe bet, this year I just bought about 9 bottles of Krug Vintage Brut for safe keeping and gave it out to whom I saw would enjoy it. I though an extremely good champagne was never out of the question to give to someone, unless they're an alcoholic. And for the price, over $150 a bottle, I don't feel guilty for spending too little or too much on someone. The people I've given out to didn't seem to mind. And besides, I thought that with the New Years always around the corner, it doesn't hurt to help prepare people for the New years with a good bottle of champagne.

But I must say, I'm glad I didn't agree to exchange gifts with my friends this year because I would've felt guilty. I can't even imagine shopping myself. I even have difficulty shopping for myself since I'm so picky about everything. I even feel guilty about my parents spending as much as they did on me in one event because they thought that this was me, which kindna is. So I'm sure you're asking what did I end up spending with my American Express Giftcard? Two pairs of Dior Homme jeans.

Slim Processed(680.37USD) | Crash Black Straight(325.23USD)

Tell me what you got from Santa Claus and your thought process on getting gifts for the loved ones! Happy Holidays!

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Style Watch: Paris Hilton

Is Christmas and going to Hawaii a good excuse to dress down? Or maybe Paris is dressing up. Either way, is it dressing down or dressing up when you make an effort to match your bag with your shirt with your sunglasses. Red and black are difficult colors to work together, especially casually. I think Katie Holmes did a better job with black and red.

I remember in high school I used to try to match everything, shirt shoes, bag, etc. But as I grew up, I realized it could be a little frightening like a box of monotone crayola threw up on me. So now I live by the rule of two to be safe. The maximum number of things that can match when I wear anything is two, with the exception of black.

Sometimes I'm confused as to how she is friend with Nicole Richie because she seemed to have a better sense of style, or a better stylist, than Paris. I would think Nicole or at least her sister, Nicky would rub off to her. But it is Christmas like her shirt says. And since she's little miss Christmas, I guess Christmas this year is casual.


Green Christmas

As part of Barney's Green advocacy, they carry this piggy bank by Vacavaliente that uses recyclable leather. It also comes in white and some grass print. But I love this gold color piggy bank with the dark red clay tail. Tres cute. And it's only $95 to support a good cause and to get a cute present for a friend. So If you're still behind Christmas shopping for some reason, you can still get this for a friend. I'm sure with the weak dollar, Americans won't mind getting some encouragement to save. Buy this piggy bank here.

Source: Barneys

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Style Watch: Katie Holmes

Does money help you look more amazing? I think so. Katie Holmes, homegirl from Dawson's Creek with a crooked smile became pretty woman and a huge MILF in the I-like-how-she-dresses from a fashionista's point of view. I LOVE how her pants fit on her! This is how pants should always fit. It clearly looks tailored, and if it's not I've heard her body is classic so clothes just molds to her, which makes me extremely jealous. I love that she pairs a white jacket with a low v-neck top with a classic necklace. If you hear anyone out with a white jacket paired with a drop-neck top and a necklace, you don't necessary hear style or something worth mentioning, but Katies does the opposite. She has that simplistic style that's also classy. Katie Holmes has become a style icon unlike her friend Victoria and her predictable style. Katie's style ranges and has so much versatility. Look at how she dresses Suri. That little girl has a merlot silk top, charcoal skirt to match with her mom's dress, black tights, and silver shoes. Silver is totally in and so is that merlot red (thanks to Lanvin).

The Birkin bag! The matching blood shoes! The skirt and semi-loose top! The glasses! She just screams chic. I love how she looks so tall and the proportion of the bag just further accentuate her slimness and her height. This is why Balenciaga oversized bags and big bags like this Birkin is so big with the chic skinny and/or tall women. Also notice how her skirt flaps opens, accentuating her little hips. I'm obsessed with Katie Holmes, or her stylist.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prada & Diabro

[699.07USD | 465.42USD ]

[ 502.80USD | 558.88USD ]
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I love these bags from Prada. I think the colors are lovely for Spring.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reminisce Piguet

Dorian Leigh wearing a Piguet dress. I miss the glamour days of old. It's not the same anymore, the passion for fashion. Now it's lazy attempts rationalized into "conceptual" ideas. Just look at her! The screaming sophistication. Dori's darling.

Tuleh Pre-Fall 2008

[Photo credit:]

I could totally see women over 35 going ga-ga for the jacket. I could see it being big in Russia, especially because of the fur and the idea that the colors will pop out in the somber USSR. I also like how (the stylist) placed it with that pink red skirt underneath, goes well with the cherry blotches. I also like the cut and how it seems well put together; you could see it in the shoulders. I also like that it makes you look at the collar bones, which is one of my favorite body parts.

Other pieces from: Tuleh Pre-Fall 2008

Missoni Pre-Fall 2008

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So it's clear the art world is having an influence in fashion lately. Well, at least more than ever. However, it seems like since 2004, the fashion industry seems to be struct in this minimalistic cubical structure that ends mid-thigh. At first, it was very plane, and then colors were added, and then floral patterns. What's next? I'm ready for the next wave.

I like what nicholas ghesquiere did for Balenciaga because it took it further and changed the shape but still made it modern, I lied, he made it futuristic. I'm pretty sure in fall you'll see people following.

I digress. I think what Missoni did for Pre-fall, perhaps it was the lighting or the model size but it just didn't have that wow factor for me. Would I rather spend over $2000USD on a Balenciaga jacket or a whole dress from Missoni. I would say Balenciaga.

As a stylist, I hate trends, I look for what's going to be trends. I do not like that designers clearly try to sell themselves instead of pushing the buttons or pushing the limits. Temperley played it safe and it's what I'm seeing with most designers for Pre-fall 2008 so far. I do like the gloves in the second picture, it's like Prada's Fall 2007 socks but for hands. ;0]

See other pieces: Missoni Pre-Fall 2008

Temperley Pre-Fall 2008

[Photo Credit:]

I like the first jacket. Nothing really new in this collection, simple, cute, safe. Everyone's doing that oval neck plunge this season and since it was clear in Spring 2008, a lot of people were taking on a Grecian influence, the trickling effect seems to be happening to the second tier designers.

See rest of collection: Temperley Pre-Fall 2008

Hedi back in talks with LVMH

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Hedi Slimane, ex-designer of Dior Homme, innovator of men's new silhouette is back in talk with LVMH after leaving LVMH's Dior Homme. He's also in discussion with other people, but it's clear he will be back in 2008 with his own name line and will probably show his collection for Spring 2009, which is tres exciting for the fashion community, both men and women because of their androgyny appeal. But who knows how his fashion take has changed his his sabbatical. Hedi took a sabbatical to pursue his artistic endeavors but he knows his heart is in fashion.



[ 405euro | 395euro]

Would you pay over 375euro for an article that looks dirty or worn? This reminds me of how artists over centuries evolved from how a painting's worth is through its quality like structure of the body, the realistic characteristics like Renaissance arts and sculpture to the concepts that's put into a painting like Rothko's Untitleds and other abstract expressionists. Yohji is more of the latter. You're basically paying for the idea of the work, what it stands for, how it makes you feel, not the objective beauty of it (not saying that there isn't any). I wouldn't spend that much because I don't have that much money to spend on shirts; however, he does have this pair of pants that I like and would actually think about investing in:

[ 502euro ]

Pic Credit:

Dior Homme Spring '08

[ 309euro | 218euro ]

[ 289euro ]

These are three of the Dior Homme pieces I want from Spring 2008. I like the line placements. Kris Van Assche showed a blank slate basically for the Spring 2008 collection so basically what he wants to do with Dior Homme will be showcase for Fall 2008,which will be in January (SOON!). Though for his showcase for Spring 2008, he showed cased basic dress attire in a room, there were several pieces he also made for Spring 2008 that didn't come through. You will most likely see many of these pieces in the stores soon. One that carries them is (I posted the link at the end of this entry). You can see most of the pieces that didn't make it on the showcase on that site. Basically it's geometric shapes with symmetric placement; there are some things asymmetric. It's very now, but it's also very not me and not very new. I hope it's not to show what he'll do for Fall 2008. I know Hedi was great, but fashion is about change and I'm curious as to what change Kris Van Assche has in store.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Secret World of Haute Couture

I found this very informative BBC doc. on youtube. There's special appearances by Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, and Valentino. It's insightful on the culture that's behind Haute Couture. There are six parts to it. I included the links to the other five parts. Enjoy.

The Secret World of Haute Couture:
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Friday, December 14, 2007

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2008

[Photo Credit:]

First off, I just want to say Sofi Berelidze looks like Irina Kulikova. I love that underrated models are given a chance at these pre-fall 2008 collections. I also love how there's a certain politics in how you present your collection. Image and branding is everything. I digress.

Vera Wang had a greek-influence for Spring 2008 collection and it seemed like some of it slipped through and she pushed it a little further with the drapping. There's something uneasy, but beautiful about these pieces. I love the contrast of the second dress between the silk and the jersey. I love the earth clay color and the creme silk glow of the base. I also like how she's able to drap, loosely, but the figures of the wearer is still intact and not lost in the clothes. I'm looking forward to her fall 2008 collection, too.

See the rest: Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2008

Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2008

[Photo Credit:]

These two were the best from the pre-fall 2008 collection. What happened?? Everyone is going into the paint-pattern on a dress motif. I like it. I like how this color works, but I wonder what the new trend is? I thought Roberto Cavalli was going to deliver something better than his animal prints (there's one in the collection), something along the side of the romantic, soft, airy women like he did for spring (Roberto Cavalli Spring 2008). It was clear what he did with Spring 2008 was amazing. I'm not disappointed in the Pre-fall but I was expecting a continuation from Spring 2008. Who knows, maybe he'll have some surprises for fall.

P.S. I like the green jacket and the merlot paint color flower.
See the rest of the collection: Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2008

Bill Blass Som

So Peter Som was asked to be Bill Blass designer this year and his first collection for Bill Blass was introduced a few days ago. Below are some of the looks Style has provided.

[Photo credit:]

This collection looks promising. It's clear that Peter Som is well aware of the Bill Blass Label. Bill Blass is known for conservative elegance. I have a Bill Blass Jacket that I love because it just so comfortable.

The looks aren't nothing new but they are executed so beautifully. I love the simplicity of the cut. Bill Blass was one of my favorite American designer. I think his style was more towards understated, but powerful elegance (for women), which is why the shape are somewhat intimidating but still very feminine. I love clean and this collection is clean. I'm looking forward to Peter Som pushing the brand as much as he can in creativity.

See the rest: Peter Som for Bill Blass Pre-Fall 2008

Marc Jacobs, "No camel toe (Margiela)!"

Is Marc Jacobs showing disapproval of Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2008 collection. The left is a picture of Marc Jacobs at his annual holiday costume party. The left picture is from Margiela's Spring 2008 collection. Maison was known this season for sending his models down the runway with skimpy skirts until they started riding up to their waist by the end of the runway, revealing...the camel toe(when the fabric is too tight against the vagina). I doubt it though because previously in other interview, Marc said he admires people like Margiela. However, it's more fun to think he's change his mind and is punning on Margiela's collection.

Source: & Fashion Week Daily

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 = Make You Richer

Let's say you have $750USD and you need to buy a dress. Can you get a Zac Posen dress? Answer is yes. However, you have mutiple sources and most like will have the price you want and in your budget. Before you go looking for that bag you want or something with the big designers, I encourage you to look on first before going elsewhere. The stuff are real, it's just they do not inflate the price by over %40, which is what most sites do for profit. A prime example I found:

[ 1,049USD@ | 652.34USD@ ]

The dress are the same (Zac Posen) but difference prices! And the thing is, the price you purchase at is on sale. So even with a sale, still has the lower price. I'm sure there are numerous other examples. But yes, will save you money (if they have what you're looking for). So if you have $750, you can purchase the dress at, but not at eluxury. AND you'll have leftover money to buy some gum. Awesome.

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