Monday, April 21, 2008

Obsession(s) of the Day

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YSL Aviator Sunglasses ( was $300.00 Now : $250.00 )
YSL Brass Buckle Belt ($295.00)

I love the chocolate tortois avaitors! I could just imagine wearing that, the Leopard-printed calfskin belt with some white or dark blue ink jeans. And that's it - no shirt. Just kidding. Whatever shir that will show off the belt. The prints goes so well with each other. To buy them, just click on the name of the product underneath the pictures.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Anna Wintour

I've never heard her talk before! This is phenomenal. I enjoy her and her accent.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto con Giselle Bundchen

I've never seen that video before. I LOVE it. I love the feel from the music, the movement, the transitions. The love the obscurity and abrupt changes of frames. It really does exemplify the Yves Saint Laurent consumer. There's a certain strength that's exhude through the clip. Gosh, I love Yves Saint Laurent.

Sean O'Pry is My Opium

Sean O'Pry is so dreamy. I think it's the lips. They're so...lucious. haha! So this spread was in Man About Town. I love the perspective and use of landscape. It's almost like they used a blue/green screen and photoshopped the scenery in. But it's so farfetched looking and stylized that it looks like they were really on location. I love the clarity.

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Source: Man About Town Spring/Summer 2008
Model: Sean O'Pry

Masculinity Stripped Bare

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Where there's (Tom) Ford, there's sex. Tom Ford wrote an article for GQ style about sex and man. What's new? Haha. The article is pretty good, raising awareness of the insecurity of the male nudity from a man's perspective along with reference to women, and in some case relative to women. The article in included so just click on the picture with the words and it'll enlarge large enough for you to read.

Source: GQ Style Spring/Summer 2008
Photographer Solve Sundsbo
Models: Chris Camplin, Terence Doyle, Jay P, Ricardo Guedes, Max Smith, Ricardo Claudino, Troy Roe, Tafari Hinds, Jamie Jewitt, Max Rogers

Hair Strike!

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Since last post had Ali Stephens, I thought I continue with the theme. :) I love this spread. I love big hair. I would love to see someone walk down the street with that big of a hair that's not from Brooklyn or from a movie. Even though Ali only has that one thing she does with her lips, I love how her eyes are so sultry. She brings an awkward chic to the clothes. Oddly enough, I get a sense of intelligence from Ali in these photos. Perhaps it's the conservative two pieces. But still. Love.

Source: Numéro 92 April 2008
Model: Ali Stephens
Photographer: Terry Tsiolis

Drama Queen or just another ol' queen?

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The name for this shoot was "Drama Queen." I don't know if Alasdair McLellan grew up in the suburbs or something but this is subtle to me. For me, it's not something outlandish to see people like this. I mean, fashion wise. When I think of Drama Queen, I think of Dior couture dress with layers of Vivienne Westwood. The concepts are bland and there's not mix-n-match. It's a boring old queen. A queen, in the gay sense, can dress better or at least have more creativity. And as much as I'm bored of the Balenciaga florals, I love this color and the lurking behind the tree. It's like pretty moss on a tree.

Source: T Style Magazine April 13, 2008
Photographer: Alasdair Mclellan
Model: Ali Stephens

Obsession of the Day

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Hyden Yoo short (shorts) for summer. For 98$, you can show off your legs in this pair of shorts. I like how the waist fits perfectly around the waist. It's difficult to find a fitting pair of pants or shorts that does that. If you normally like a tight squeeze, buy a size up. It's cut short so don't worry.

Click here to buy: Hyden Yoo Shorts, $98

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

YUM RANDOMS: Nicolas Ghesquiere

Nicolas Ghesquière, designer and artist for Balenciaga in GQ Style magazine. He looks so Parisian, it's sick! That pout! That camera! That flawless jacket! I bet he has bad breath.

Source: UK GQ Style S/S 2008

Sex Sells, Ford

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HAPPY WEDNESDAY! It's nice out today. I don't really need my jacket. I'm wearing my Givenchy short-sleeve oversized henley out for the first time. It's netted on the sleeve so it's see-through. I wore a black vneck underneath but I might take that off later on.

Who is the Tom Ford man? Someone who is comfortable with himself and sex. What does he do? Investment banker or mutual fund investor. Or spoiled boy born into money. He's also fun and knows when to take a break. A carpe diem gentleman whose lifestyle indoors is the same as it is out.