Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How to Wear that Rodarte/Christian Lacroix/Doo.Ri Spring 2008

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Left Photo: Rodarte top and Christian Lacroix bottom
Middle Photo: Rodarte top and Doo.Ri bottom
Right Photo: Doo.Ri top and Christian Lacroix bottom

I love this print from Christian Lacroix Spring 2008. It's so summery, evoking that garden feel. The first photo along with the Rodarte top gives it a summery dress but the purple corset going across really pops against the pink and gives the summer dress a modern appeal. I say modern appeal since the past few seasons over sized belts and cinched waist have been the norm.

The second photo gives it this sexy appeal as though she's half-dressed since the top looks like a lingerie piece. I put the Rodarte top with Doo.Ri's bottom because it looks like a girl that just wants to have fun and be young. She just wants to sit back in her lounge chair and watch her kids play baseball with her oversized sunglass on. She dropped by the game on a hot summer day after work and she just wants to breathe. This look makes her seem youthful, refreshing, unrestricted from the long day she's had.

Look at the third photo and how Reese Witherspoon is that? There's a reason why Doo.Ri is gaining notoriety. Look at that top! Reminiscing of flower petals or the flaps of a burberry raincoat but short sleeve. The top looks so fresh without having to be white. What is the story behind this woman? She's on her way to a rooftop garden party. The flowering theme is budding through the top and the bottom. She's innocent and clean, like a flower freshly bloomed in the morning with the dew still on its petals. She doesn't even know where she left her purse; she just wants to talk and mingle.

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