Monday, March 10, 2008

Essay by Tamsin Blanchard had Tamsin Blanchard write a critque on fashion. The essay turned out to be an analysis of fashion's attempts at responding to the current demands and economy. It's an interesting article and I agree with some. Viktor & Rolf are always one of the most politically voicing house out there. So when they send their models down the show with 3-D "No" across the dress, and dresses with stapples on them, it was clear they did not appreciate the rushing demand and turn-over of the fashion industry.

So many are in a hurry to buy, wear once, and then donate it to their nearest thrift store or sell it on ebay. This is true because of the the progression of the media and communication tools. Internet, PDAs, and quick-services like DSL allows information from fashion shows to reach the audience within hours, some even in minutes. All it takes is to upload it to the web and over tens of millions of people have access to it. This quick access not only makes the consumers screaming for more quicker, but it also increases competition since there's a clear growing trend of stores like Forever21, MACYS, among other imitading the trends as soon as the model walks on runway.

The article also touches on Vivienne Westwood and Issey Miyake, two of whom I didn't care much for. But it's something worth reading.

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Kira Fashion said...

that look is something cool and nice!

you are in my links of the day!
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e.jay said...

Very insightful essay, I think. The V&R idea of the 3-D NO was very well done in my opinion. I also love those boots so much in the pic!

Luis said...

Thats look something classy!
And yes, very neutral essay.

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Ericwipe287 said...

The article is OK but her shoes are very cute!!!!!!

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