Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Huge update needed. I KNOW. Sorry y'all.

So I've been feeling like this:

But now I feel like this:

And yes, I feel like both Tim Blanks and Mario Testino. I'll post more as the day progresses. Not because I was intoxicated last night and ended up in a location unknown, but because Spring break is around the corner, which means ample time for me to catch up on things - i.e. this blog.

I think I was weary from all the fashion shows that were going on. Information overload. I just wanted to sit down day by night and catch up on the latest shows without feeling obligated to place them into category of trends. (I also have problems with trend analysis people use.) But I'll update it all soon. Love you, miss you.


Anonymous said...

hahaha beautiful

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Tim and Mario both are very ugly.

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Anonymous said...

hahahahha! lol