Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lanvin Lovin'

(Click on image to enlarge it a little bit)

I love Lanvin, I really do. I love Lucas Ossendrijver (designer) too, it's true. The ads are phenomenal but I can't help but wonder what happens when you're not skinny. What happens if you're not Alban Blondiaux (the model)? Will it look just as good when it's not windy? So many questions!

I love the fluidity and the proportions of his pieces. I love the jacket within the jacket; how he's able to make heavy layers into sheer pieces. But I definitely am convinced that if I don't walk fast with at least some wind, the clothes will look droopy on me. So for all those out there where there's wind blowing, put on some Lanvin and walk on the street so the wind can accentuate your figure. If you're fat, I suggest getting something twice your size. Actually, if you're fat I recommend not trying it because you'll probably sweat and the clothes will just stick. I still love you though and so will Ossendrijver.

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