Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Don't Dior (Homme)!

When I saw this, I imagined that the guy on the left are the people of Hedi Slimane holding KRIS VAN ASSCHE's arm to tell him to curb his influence because it'll end up questionable, which it did.

Fall 2008? Really? What is it/that? That grip should have been stronger. I saw the same use of buttefly placement on a Spring 2007 men's collection somewhere (I forgot where, but the butterflies were in white). This lack of originality only adds to the annoyance I felt towards Assche. Creativity? Innovation? All I saw were awkward proportionate man who outgrew his boys clothes. There's a different between skinny and barely able to button up comfortably. I told myself perhaps the collection would grow on me, but it hasn't. There's still time...However, Assche's own collection was impressive so I don't get it. For now, it's still Spring and I enjoyed the modern Victorian interpretation in Dior Homme's spring collection than this new venture Assche is exploring.

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Tabitha said...

seriously awkward pose. that grip he has on him is so... not involved. i agree. but they look hot regardless, on the skinny side of course