Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not by My Hair is Adrogyny Over

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I like this spread. Why? Because often times, androgyny is portrayed as a woman looking like a man but not vice versa. Also, men are often put in women's close but their features are still intact, like their short hair. So in this instance, I like that the man, Henzo, feminine attributes are accentuated. If Henzo's hair wasn't lighter, I don't think I would be able to tell who is who in some pictures.

If I was over 6 feet, I would grow Rapunzel-like hair too. And what would I do with hair that cascade down my chest for miles? I would learn to knit, and every night I would knit my hair a new ensemble. Now someone should make a collection or editorial spread with that idea!

Source: L'Officiel Brazil April 2008
Photographer: Rogerio Cavalcanti
Models: Carolina Pantoliano,Henzo Huille


humbert_humbert said...

I only detect an iota of masculinity! How brilliant!

I love androgyny.

MR style said...

but u forgot to add there's male model henzo hulle !!?