Monday, April 21, 2008

Obsession(s) of the Day

(Click on image to enlarge)

YSL Aviator Sunglasses ( was $300.00 Now : $250.00 )
YSL Brass Buckle Belt ($295.00)

I love the chocolate tortois avaitors! I could just imagine wearing that, the Leopard-printed calfskin belt with some white or dark blue ink jeans. And that's it - no shirt. Just kidding. Whatever shir that will show off the belt. The prints goes so well with each other. To buy them, just click on the name of the product underneath the pictures.


iñaki said...

You'll be happy to know I am actually wearing something close to that today. My Boss shades are just like those and my belt it's the classic fendi logo one. Ok, maybe not so close. but made me think of it :P

love your blog!

Kira Fashion said...

hi dear!
amazing wishes!
i love that belt!
the video with wintour is great too, amazing post! thanks a lot!
look, you are in my links of the day!
hope you enjoy,
a kiss,
see you,

C.A said...

your blog was on the way to become one of the most incredible fashion blog, i used to read it everyday, but since april we do not have any post and any news about u what's the mater ?

oskarsobsession said...


great blog btw

Anonymous said...

目標是什麼不重要,目標能產生什麼樣的效果才重要 ..................................................

123 said...


Metals Fas said... cute the glasses is.
I wish to have this one on this Christmas!

Tradeforex said...

Hey my friend!
I did not see you post any new info in recent time. Hope you still be okie. Best wishes. ah! the glass look so cute. I love that!