Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hair Strike!

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Since last post had Ali Stephens, I thought I continue with the theme. :) I love this spread. I love big hair. I would love to see someone walk down the street with that big of a hair that's not from Brooklyn or from a movie. Even though Ali only has that one thing she does with her lips, I love how her eyes are so sultry. She brings an awkward chic to the clothes. Oddly enough, I get a sense of intelligence from Ali in these photos. Perhaps it's the conservative two pieces. But still. Love.

Source: Numéro 92 April 2008
Model: Ali Stephens
Photographer: Terry Tsiolis

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Bombshell Kitten said...

Love big hair as well- have to since I have so much myself. It is a beautiful thing but so many people try to hide it or tame it down. Lovely post.

Much love, xx