Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Killing me Softy with his Burberry & Roen Song

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I wonder how many people, when looking at this picture would randomly want the Burberry shirt and pants? Do guitarists really see this picture and go out and purchase over $500 because of a picture they see? Do they really want to emulate it that badly? Granted this isn't an editorial; however, it's a spread so to a certain degree, it's supposed to appeal to the viewer. I guess if I had the income and the exact same house, I would go out and make such purchases, pick up a guitar (even though I don't know how to play) and take a picture to replicate it exactly. But aside from the amusement value, there's also the art value. But aside from the art value, I don't think it really encourages me to go make the purchases.

However, that Roen slipper he has on makes me want to go buy one. Oh who am I kidding? If I had the income I would definitely purchase everything there, only to regret it later since my proportions wouldn't be the same. Even so, how can you go wrong with calves-cut pants and a gold taffeta shirt? You can't.

I'm going to go cut all my jeans/pants now.

Source: GQ Style Spring/Summer 2008


PaulBenny said...

I find the pants laudably avant-garde -- I therefore covet them.

fahrschule w├╝rzburg said...

Good Job! :)