Thursday, April 17, 2008

Masculinity Stripped Bare

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Where there's (Tom) Ford, there's sex. Tom Ford wrote an article for GQ style about sex and man. What's new? Haha. The article is pretty good, raising awareness of the insecurity of the male nudity from a man's perspective along with reference to women, and in some case relative to women. The article in included so just click on the picture with the words and it'll enlarge large enough for you to read.

Source: GQ Style Spring/Summer 2008
Photographer Solve Sundsbo
Models: Chris Camplin, Terence Doyle, Jay P, Ricardo Guedes, Max Smith, Ricardo Claudino, Troy Roe, Tafari Hinds, Jamie Jewitt, Max Rogers


MR style said...

you're becomin the new underneath henri !! im gonna take your tom ford pictures !! they're so cool

Tabitha said...

HOT! love it

Sugar said...

Hot guys! lol!