Monday, April 7, 2008

Recession: Jessica Stam Style

Ever since the fall shows, I haven't had a strong interest in fashion that much. It could be because school's has been keeping me busy or my resurging interest in books, but nonetheless, I can't help but wonder if the current economic conditions and information overload has numb me to the excitement that is fashion.

The fall collections were subdued, as most fall fashion would be, but the palettes colors were a stark contrast than the exhuberant abstract florals of Spring. I could just feel the impact of the economy and its dampening effect. Nonetheless, there were some good ones, which I'll sort out and blog more about later.

What I found interesting was that the men's collection had some exciting pieces than usual. However, with Miu Miu's men collasped since Fall will be its last collection raised a question as to why. I'll also try and blog about that too - young men and their willingness to explore innovative fashion and their income credibility.

Another thing that's been contributing to the monotany of fashion for me is the rapid fashion exposure in the editorials. When I first saw Sasha P. with that Balenciaga two-piece floral volume ensemble, I was thrilled and gazed at the synergized beauty. However, after the 189712315th depiction of it, it grows old. Granted, there are some editorials that reinterpreted and gave some life to something that was dying, the desultory ambience of the Spring collections were withering away. Flowers can't live forever, not even abstract ones.

So when I saw this editorial Demarchelier shot of Stam, I can't help but be amused because it depicts exactly how I currently feel. Stam's sleepy, half-awake eyes, gazing past the lenses aroused this sort of bland outlook towards the future.

I'll try to write more. I promise.

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Magazine: UK Vogue
Issue: May 2008
Model: Jessica Stam
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier

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Tabitha said...

that floral thing is like HUGE right now. i'm not sure how i feel about it? but i think you chose good pieces