Friday, February 1, 2008

Obsession of the day: Raf Simons

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How fun does those shoes look? The shoes gives this holographic look, which is definately futuristic if you as me in regards to concept. I love the colors and the black linings. I'm normally not a fan of high-tops, at least not since high school, but I haven't wanted a high-top like these since...well, high school. I can picture it looking great with a park of dark blue jeans, or anything. I love that it has this sky-blue, cloud effect going on. The colors also changes with each movement so yeah. I don't know how else to praise this except I want it; I need it now. Except it's on sale and there's no longer my size. But if you are a size 6 or 7, UK Standard, I recommend getting these.

Buy Shoes Here: Raf Simons Two Tone Strap Boot (was 299euro, now 104euro)

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Gianlu said...

Do you know where can I get these hi tops? I tried on oki-ni but they're out of stock. I also tried sevennewyork, luisaviaroma and helloblackbird...NO WAY!