Friday, February 1, 2008

Impulse Thoughts


With Lanvin Spring 2008 having great praise for the grecian, flightly and airy collection last season that everyone adored, and also praised by many buyers of chain stores, be sure to keep a look out to who will piggy-back ride to boost some profits.

For Balenciaga Spring 2008, Nicholas Ghesquiere, designer, raised the bar and shone the light on structure. There's definatley a push towards what is new, what is the future. It's interesting to see the insights that will either support Ghesquiere's outlook or inject the market with a new "ooh la la."

Spring was flower power raised to the max, or in mathematical connotation, flower^infinity. However, it wasn't just regular flowers but more artistic inspired flower prints. They were suggestive but the petals weren't defined. Will the "flower prints" be carried over to fall?

Spring of art-inspired things, a big trend for Spring 2008 was paint-splattered textiles like the dresses from Dolce & Gabbana 2008.

Basically, keep a look out for those who will mimic the top houses' designs and construction in the spring, and keep a look out for the innovative new leaders. There's been a huge injection of new talents and reincarnation of houses, like Bill Blass. There's also new designers taking over notorious houses, like Valentino and its new artistic creator Alessandra Facchinetti. Fall is definately a season of changes, big changes. There's a lot of things going on in regard to changes not within the fashion industry but in the economy. I'll be sure to highlight what I see the best I can. Stay tune and do look out for huge changes!!

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