Friday, February 1, 2008

WWD'S The Storm Is Coming Pictures

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Women's Wear Daily captured these fun pictures of designers as they're preparing for New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2008. There's over 26 pictures designers trying clothes on models, making phone calls, putting finishing touches on their pieces, etc. The three I've posted are examples of some of the pictures available. It's cute - some of the pictures. I posted the link at the bottom so you can go browse through some of the pictures. You don't have to be a member to view the pictures because I was able to see the pictures without logging into my account.

Zac Posen is so cute and he seems so personable. He's also a great constructionist. No wonder's he's a favorite among many New York Socialites. He always dress well too.

Oscar de la Renta constructed 62 looks, over 100 pieces for his pre-fall 2008 collection. Imagine how serious he took his pre-fall collection. I'm curious as to what his fall 2008 collection is going to be. Is there going to be over 500 pieces? Probably not. But still. That man is really dedicated and to churn out over 60 pieces a collection, let alone a sub-collection since it's not the main one is pretty amazing. The ideas that he have...My friend, Nik, said that imagination is based on how much you know so that you could reference them. So the more imagination you have, the more creative ideas you would have. Oscar De La Renta clearly has that experience that will allow him to keep turning out amazing clothes till...he retires, assuming that he will. He probably has an archive so that after he retires the house could function for another century. Hah.

As for Tommy Hilfiger, this is his third seasonal comeback so everyone is still seeing if it really will be a comeback. The past two seasons were totally Hilfiger through the colors, that sub-muted pastel colors that's American. Judging on what he's holding up, he'll still provide that conservative, Savannah porch, "American-Pride" color lines style that the designer is known for.

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