Friday, February 1, 2008

Elie Tahari Women Fall/Winter 2008

Favorites from collection:
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I just wrote an entry on how women's suit and more formal dressing, aka business woman will be a dominant archetype for Fall 2008. It's flair leg is also making a comeback. It was seen on Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, both of whom aren't exactly fashion gurus, but influencers in the past six months. I like them because they elongate the legs, especially when added with a cropped jacket like the last woman is wearing. Whenever a sleeved is shorter than the wrist, it elongates the torso because it gives it the illusion of someone who out-grew their clothes, but not in a bad way! Also, I love how the jacket on the last girl is structured with that pattern. I wonder what matterial it's made out of or it was just super starched.

Either way, what is this woman portraying? My husband is in a hedge fund and I'm going to support him because by dressing like this, I demand a serious attitude. However, I'm hungry and I want to go have lunch with my girlfriends to show off my new jacket.

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Erica WeSeeds said...

I LOVE the sexy serious look. It commands attention.