Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday not Super Fashion

I think that's the closest Hillary has come to a dress. I think when Hillary was born, her mother had a tailor on hand to make her daughter a suit.

Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune wrote an article on the progression of women in offices and how that affects, or might possibly so, dictates women's fashion in America. Women globally, more particularly in the US are obtaining high office jobs and becoming equals to their counterparts.

Menkes interestingly touches on how the election is overshadowing Marc Jacob's slow to being the last show for New York Fashion week and the most-anticipated revival of the house of Halston, which was mediocre.

The women are in the office and they want to be taken seriously. Tradition says that women must be formal, wear feminate suits. However, in recent trends there are houses like Zegna that are offering tailored suits to women. Similarly, there has been a noticeable increase in suit jackets in women's collection. Ironically, the pants are no where in sight, but high skirts are. Menkes touches on the clear move of designers being concious of this movement.

I, however, am conflicted. Tradition may require women to be taken seriously but is a suit required? I would love to see someone confidently enter a room in a dress, or something less feminate and structured, unless in the Balenciaga-structured sense. I think women have advanced and evolved enough to command a sense of respect without immitating men. I am not against suits, but there's no need to be drab and monotone. Instead of an androgynous suit why not put on something that's more decorated like a Chanel Tweed jacket, a colorful skirt, or a Lanvin blooming blouse?

Oftentimes people like to stay in their comfort zone but I live by the Foucault believe that in order for progression to take place, one has to jump into the unknown. One can't grow if one's static and content. Perhaps it's my ADD that makes me bored of a situation often instantly, and constantly yearning for changes. I don't think the time for women to "prove" themselves are still a struggling movement. With that, I don't think women should compromise themselves and their beauty. There's nothing wrong with a little color and fluff in a sea of dark blue and pin-striped suits.

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Tabitha said...

how ethnocentric. and sexist - please if it were a male president, he would not be on a dress