Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Halston Women Fall/Winter 2008: All Flop and No Flip

"Halston didn't provide the big bang many in the fahsion industry were yearning for. Zanini didn't even give a bang. Many were left feeling as though it was just another fashion show on the schedule. After I blogged yesterday, even with his statement that he recognizes that archives can prove to be dangerous, he fell into the hole he thought he recognized and tried to stay clear from. The pieces paid homage to Halston but did nothing more. It was like Gianfranco Ferre's Spring collection that his in-house designers did after his death.

The collection was bare minimalism, perhaps too minimalistic. The color didn't excite the viewers but just reminded the people of the weather outside, drabby and stale. The fluidity were like a wilting flower instead of lively like that of Lanvin Spring 2008. Some of the pieces seemed to swallow the models instead of the models commanding the clothes.

Even with certain pieces that were clear Halston, like the long soft skirts, but there was nothing that screams Zanini and his influence. Perhaps working with Versace for so many years as Versace's first designer, he's underestimated the clients' willingness to let him take the reigns however he wish.

With this in mind, more pressure is on Alessandra Faccinetti and what she's going to do with the house of Valentino.

See rest of collection: Halston Women Fall/Winter 2008

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