Friday, February 1, 2008

Vera Wang Lavender Label Women Fall/Winter 2008

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So I knew there's a pseudo-recession going on but I didn't it was that depressing. Just kidding. Vera introduced her more affordable brand, lavendar Label, and it really cute. The mood is confidence but glamour. Young but not intimidated by fur. The colors are a little muted but the girls are modern in subtle ways - mainly the construction. The skirt in the first picture has a subtle volume to it, pinched a little at the top but it doesn't close in like recent structures for skirts. It's almost structured and geometric but not necessarily, but there's definitely a directness to them.

I love that jacket wit hthe fur short sleeve. Shoulders need to be kept warm too. This collection is supposed to be affordable and if it is, for that jacket to look the way it is, you'll sure fool people on your income. What's great about this collection is that though it is not Vera Wang's name, the label still has a rich feel to it. Especially some use of pearls in the collection. That look in the last one doesn't scream petty shopper, or kmart lovers. It's a woman that's going to an art gallery followed by a semi-formal dinner. I just like it when a designer understands that those with a less disposable income also wants to wear their name.

Only question is does genuine matter? Does Vera really care for those with lesser income but wants her clothes or she's recognizing the trend in the economy and wants to provide a collection that's more affordable so people aren't scared in spending? I say I want that fur-short sleeved jacket. Because when it comes to fashion, if something looks and feel good and looks good on you, buy it no matter what the price. Though of course, don't refinance your house for it, unless it's a Dior Couture gown from the 50s.

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