Friday, February 1, 2008

Rachel Roy Women Fall/Winter 2008

Favorites from collection:
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I love the color that she's using. It's rusting iron mixed with a touch of metallics, almost referencing one of those saturated orange tomato. The girls are so chic with the high waist pinch and I love the jacket in the second look with the bottom two buttons. I also love the skirt in the fifth look - the skirt will go well with almost everything. Feather played a big role in last season with McQueen, Proenza Schouler, among other collections and it seems like Roy is playing with it as accessories. I like the exoticness that the feathers and colors conjure. I could see this editorial where the girls are standing on a vocanol with a stream of lava going down while the girls are just nonchalantly putting on their make-up. A less extreme situation would be seeing these clothes at gallery openings. The clothes are definitely an upper-east side classic, conservative, but fun favorite.

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