Monday, February 4, 2008

Halston '08: Revival or Denial?

Halston was one of the most acclaimed designers of the 70s. A favorite of movie stars, socialites, the general public, and a favorite at studio54. His design were chic minimalism. The clothes were simple and elegant.

After a few years dormant, and six designers later, a known media investor, a media-famed stylist come together to revive the brand. Will they succeed? All eyes are on the Fall/Winter 2008 show tonight.

Marco Zanini is the sixth designer to try and accomplish what five other couldn't do. What's different this time? The world of celebrities are back with the media influence stronger than ever. Who else could contribute to make a hopeful team? Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist known for her anorexic, mannequin-like celebrities coterie. She's been known to drench her clients in Halston so many could see why she's on the board in revitalizing the brand. To complete the team, Harvey Weinstein stepped on board. With his wife, Georgina Chapman, a designer of Marchesa, Harvey is not newcomer to the fashion industry. He hopes this investment will rival that of Tom Ford at Gucci.

New York Times has a great article on the history of Halston and their interpretation of the spring look, along with the house allowing Halston lovers to purcahse the collection 24 hours after showing. Do read it.

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As iconic as the house of Halston and the nostalgia of style past, I'm not sure this team will be able to pull it off in an ultra-fresh manner that is expected of it. However, if Zanini is able to present a collection that touches on the simplistic elegance of Halston, that will be interesting. Calvin Klein have been one of the few American designer that is known for that so to see if Halston is able to come afloat and establish their trademark and make it modern, it will definately have a strong market. In the article Zanini recognized that the archive of Halston, though great, can be of a hindrance. Since he recognizes that, it is hopeful that perhaps he will be the one to be able to accomplish what other were'nt able to do. Besides, with Rachel Zoe and Weinstein on board, it's already looking more promising than past attempts.

We will see...

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