Friday, February 1, 2008

Boy by Band of Outsiders Women Fall/Winter 2008

Favorites from Show:
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I love this collection, all 12 wardrobes of it. It's nothing new. It's grunge, dark, hip new-york girl. The nude camel- color introduced or injected by miuccia prada two seasons ago - is becoming popular, as you can see in the jacket(2). Bands of Outsiders are an up and coming favorite for people, so it's interesting that such a young brand has already stretched themselves through a sub-brand, Boy.

The name says it. The polos, the jackets, all androgynous but with that "hipster" feel. It's as though they're all going to a concert or some basement party. What gave it that feel? The plaid patterns and the sock gloves. Overall there's nothing new but the presentation touches on the trend right now so it's definately markeatble and will sell.

Also, notice the shoes. They're so cute! Tuxedo shoes. I think they're heels. They bring that casual formality that makes things understated, but is a necessary touch.

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