Friday, November 9, 2007

Adore Vintage (the online store)

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Click to buy: Miss Golightly Dress($41.04)

I love adore vintage. The findings are always never dissappointing. I check it weekly because the site is pretty on top of regulating their inventory. The prices are also very affordable. The top pictures is of a 60s dress with that Audrey Hepburn feel(the cut of the neckline). I also love how the facade is mude up of lace. I love subtle, pieces that seem simple from afar, but when up close there is so much more to it.

Aside from dresses, Adore Vintage also have things like accessories, home furnishings, shoes, etc. Here are some more pieces that I found on the site that was pleasing to the eye:

Click to buy: Buttercup Kiss Dress($21.95)

The above dress may seem too wide on the side but I love that the sections starts below the breasts (this elongates the body). How you can counter the wideness is by wearing a fitted cardigan or a fitted jacket. A good color for the outwear would be something dark to make the yellow and the dark color of the jacket pop. The ideal colors for me would be dark blue or black. If I want a light color then shades of gray would work too.

Click to buy (left): Wisteria Vine Dress($42)
Click to buy (right): La Danse Du Soleil Dress($58)

The dress from the left looks like Blair's dress from Gossip girl in the latest episode. The dress from the right looks like a Prada dress for Resort '08.

Oh and by the way, many of the pieces are limited - as in once someone buys a dress, there's is a high chance it'll be sold out. The idea of exclusivity is also what makes the site interesting because you'll end up having regrets not buying it a week after because once you decide to make the purchase, someone else already bought it. Also, sometimes you can find a Chanel piece, a Oscar De la Renta piece, etc.

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Tabitha said...

holy crap they're cute AND inexpensive. i adore.