Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chanel Resort '08; Forget the Hips, Give Me the (Thin) Lips

[photo credit: Chanel.com]
Models: Claudia Schiffer & Brad Koenig

I kind of want that aviator jumpsuit(fourth picture) as pajama for the cold harsh Philly nights. Chanel aviator jumpsuit pajamas will keep me flying through my dreams, warmly. For the price (I'm assuming $1000+), it should be warm.

I love the orange red coat and pieces in the second picture. I just picture a girl walking down the street and popping out of the crowd. Be noticed.

As for men, I like the pants but I could never be able to pull off a sleeveless shirt. That's too manly for me. However, I am attracted to Brad Koenig. He is totally blue-steel-ing. Those thin lips! What is up with the majority of models with thin lips? I have big, luscious, thick, voluptuous lips. Ok, maybe not that extreme but they're not paper-cut thin.

His lips are so hot! By the way, Karl Lagerfeld shoots all of the ads. If you look at the first picture, with Brad, by his right armpit (your left), you could see a little blurred; i.e. Photoshop?! Karl uses Photoshop just like all Myspace kids. You should go check out the cruise collection. He presented it in L.A. with jets and all.

Collection: Chanel Cruise 2008


Tabitha said...

omg i want the outfit in the third picture down.
i like his thin lips. can they be mine? =D

IT IS WHAT IT IS said...

i think this model is soooo average