Monday, November 19, 2007

Prada (resort '08) Prints and (line) Placements

Prada Resort 2008

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How does one make a dress that seem as though Carolina Herrera would love to wear but modern enough for Chloe Sevigny to still adore over? I don't know but Prada's designer Miuccia does it. She has this eye for modernity but still referencing the traditional. When I see these dress I can't picture them in any other time, but I understand that this is where the modern conservative women would want, but still flexible enough that the bohemian dreamers wouldn't mind giving up their savings and stop buying vintage for a while. The dress seems timeless but so fitting with current time. The placement of the lines for the shoulder strap and the baring of the waist gives it this contrast against the soft muted colors and floral prints.

The cinch that's accentuated by the black line is toga referencing, which is VERY big in Spring 2008, but not pushing it enough to make it seem so.

Where can you wear this dress to? I imagine this woman sitting at a desk by a window writing a letter to her girlfriends as she looks out to her garden. The color is more subdued and more relax. I can also see her having afternoon drinks in the library with her girlfriends and then dancing in the sunroom. The dresses are just very calming and chic.

Collection: Prada Resort 2008


underneath said...

I love the prints and the full wolume of the skirts. And model Siri Tollerod is enchanting.

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy this dress!! I have looked everywhere and can't find it.