Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Geometry Nouveau? SS'08

So I noticed a subtle, quite theme that's starting to show: structure. And To push it further, fine, geomtric shapes. It's interesting how different designer takes on angles and curves (of a circle) to accentuate parts of the body. Honestly, I draw and design from time to time and some of these ideas are familiar to me, which I love because it shows my design are up to par with current geniuses. The yellow dress from Akris at the bottom? I drew that back in August (before the Spring/Summer 2008 came out). I have people that can account for it. I wonder how many designers will follow for Fall/Winter 2008. But let's look, shall we? [photo credits: Style.com]

[Akris Spring/Summer 2008] I love the yellow and white etheral dress, and not because I designed one similar to it. It's dangerous with the flaps though because you can see how the model looses her height. but I think it would look great if your skin is a little darker because it will not only make your skin pop, but the dress itself (since it's white). I love the middle jacket. The huge square pockets accentuates the arm (makes it look really skinny) since your hands basically get lost in them. One of the main way to play with weight is to place it next to something big. However, the proportion can's be too big because clearly this jacket was made for a certain girl. How can you tell? The collar. If you want to look skinny, pair up with something big but make sure it looks like it was made for you, not found in a clearance bi (you know what i'm talking about. the XXXL sizes).

[Chanel Spring/Summer 2008] The wrapping of the oval on the first dress is interesting. It plays on the hip on the front view since it clearly closes in on the hip. If you stand against a black backdrop, the oval would fade out and you see this skinny silhouette of white and bottom strip. Once again, a play on size. The shoulder flaps on the side of that jacket! I can't pin point it but there's something aesthetically pleasing about it. It's like that lapel that normally goes on your shoulder but only transplaced to the the side. The black dress gives it this modern formality with it. The structured line of progressive architecture and the traditional bowties gives it this contrast that makes the dress interesting.

[Fendi Spring/Summer 2008] Karl plays with circles and lines! The belt is geometric. The belt started in Fall 2007 and now he carried it over. I think Karl is trying to appeal to the modern progressive women that buys stuff from stores like design within reach with that monochromatic white everything. Her teapots are triangular and her lamps is a saturated red decagon structure that sites by itself in the living room. Either way, Karl makes it work. The colors are fun, the pieces are symmetrical and it looks like a rich woman, because we all know that type of style doesn't come cheap. Rightfully so, especially since Fendi publicly said they're trying to boost their revenue over 40% within the next year. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these three pieces. I love that you could see her arms over that folded circle with black lines. It's so futuristic but so doable.

[Giambattista Valli Spring/Summer 2008] Giamba has been gathering steam over the past seasons, becoming many favorites of celebrities. You can see why through the placement of lines and shapes. He plays with the simple shape with the complexity of designs. I end up raising the question which one helps define the other, the shapes define the pattern, or the design pattern brings out the shape? The colors also plays a big part. This collection was put together with a lot of thought.

[Valentino Spring/Summer 2008] There's a reason Valentino lasted as long as he did. Simple lines, simple shapes. Product? Pure chic and elegance. The muted gray brown with the black lines outline gives it such a clean look. I love the pink and purple combo! So fresh, and once again, clean! The lines that separate them are also proportionately pleasing. I also think it's a modest dress in that it's not too hugging. It's for the conservative women that's shy but wants attention. Valentino's take on circles? The layers of circles for the top and the bottom makes that dress look so light. It reminds me of sea anemone and how it arouses this sexual, fluid movement to it.

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Tabitha said...

I would love to see your designs <3
I like the Chanel on the left, and the Valentino on the right. Can you make it happen?