Friday, November 30, 2007

Photographer du jour: Chris Nicholls

I j'adore Chris Nicholls today. I found the editorial he did for Flare Magazine November 2007 called, Belle Epoque. I love how it's reminiscing of the flapper style, especially with the lighting. But the background alludes to this depressive modernity.

[Photo credit: Chris Nicholls]

That Dolce & Gabbana Fall '07 feather plume dress (the last picture) is EVERYWHERE (editorial wise; haven't seen many wearing it to events). I love it though.

Website: Chris Nicholls | Flare Magazine | Dolce & Gabbana Fall '07


Anonymous said...

i love chris nicholls. his other works are so minimalistic but says so much.

Tabitha said...

i am so down with belle epoque. hook it up, make it happen.

PBenjamin said...

I marvel at this style.