Thursday, November 8, 2007

roberto cavalli for h&m available today!

roberto cavalli for h&m finally arrives! Women, girls that want to be women, waited on hour+ lines at h&m stores to get their paws and claws on cavalli's prints. The dresses and coats had zebra, cheeta, lion, and leopard prints. The accessories had animal references and some evoked a tribal feel. It's an amazing collection. Instead of his original pieces for $1000+, the prices have been dimmed down from $10+ accessories to dresses no more than $300.

Below are some of my favorites:

[photo credit: h&m]

I love the ruffles for these shirts because there's such a class to them. They also scream cavalli. All that was missing were the prints on these shirts. But those prints were more and plenty in the rest of the collection. For men, I love that the buttons went more lower than the regular henleys. It'll definately elongate the body.

[photo credit: h&m]

I love this ring and bracelet! You can't beat the price! How the purple contrast with the gold color gives it this vintage, rich feel. The colors also made me think of a Lanvin necklace for Spring/Summer 2008:

[photo credit:]

Collection: Roberto Cavalli for H&M

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Tabitha said...

So, I'm gonna hit up H&M very much in the near future - if there's anything left for me!