Monday, November 26, 2007

Vogue Italia (Art in) Beauty

Photographer: Michaelangelo di Battista
Magazine: Vogue Italia Beauty

[photo credit: Vogue Italia Beauty]

I'm not aware of other editorials Michaelangelo di Battista have done but I like what he did with this shoot. The picture is layered by a two-dimensional drawing that mimics the model's make-up; and at the same time, capturing the model's expression. The model (Anna Maria Urajevskaya)and the picture that she's in act as a canvas while a plain piece of white paper with lines and colored shadows is placed over it. It reminds me of impressionalism with abstract expressionism.

These pieces are referencing impressionalism with abstract expressionism because the two-dimensional layered of the paper is simplistic in structure, but still alluding the model its mimicking. The impression that the artist, the photographer, has from the model and her make-up is blurred and simplified. The light in the eyes are no longer there; the wrinkles, the particular hairs are gone, replaced with basic lines and quick brushstrokes of watercolor.

Pictures like these are nice to look at because many times I look too much at details without remembering that sometimes a few characteristics are enough and pleasant. If only people are identifiable with a few lines and blurred so that I could have an expression of who the individual is, I would be left with more time to explore the company of the person(s) more than just assuming based on appearance.

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Tabitha said...

So very artsy, and I think of your drawings!