Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Alessandro Dell'Acqua Spring/Summer 2008

The cut, the clean colors, the geometric shapes! I love this collection. The pants are nicely fitted; the shirt, young but not intimidating to wear. I love that t-shirt on the top right corner. The rustic sunset red color at the bottom and the blotch of red that seems to rise from it. I also love the slacks! I'm scared of looseness but I actually want to wear that. I think it may be for people that are 6' maybe I could find one proportionate to me.

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I prefer Spring/Summer colors to be airy and light. For some reason, designers tend to go way too dark for me. This is a good collection to show the lightness that's Spring, but at the same time not pushing it too much.

Collection: Alessandro Dell'Acqua Spring/Summer 2008

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Tabitha said...

you would look SO good in all of these. is that how you choose to post stuff?