Friday, November 30, 2007

G-Star por favor

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So I always see G-Star Raw ads all over the place. In the streets, in the magazines, on the train, everywhere. So I was on this website and there they were, again! I checked out the website and...I'm a fan. I also came across it when this guy was sitting next to me on the subway wearing a dark G-Star dark 3/4 coat. I thought he was from the army because it was so immaculate and its architecturally appealling. DO you know what I'm talking about? Army people tend to have their shirts, dress, pants, shoes, hair, nail pressed so everything looks well put together, very flawless, very...structured. The guy had a buzz cut so that only support me thinking he was in the army or something. That day, I almost wanted to join the army or navy to get my hands on that coat/jacket. After getting off the subway and flipping through magazines, I realized it was a brand.


I love the ads, and how it clearly defines what the brand is all about. Many times, it's hard for people to brand. Looking at Louis Vuitton, they changed dragstically over the years and with Marc Jacobs aboard, I have no idea who his target clientelle is. Everyone? Don't get me wrong, I love Marc-y Marc but like the branding, gets a little lost. You can only take it season by season with brands like that. The only other brand I know that is consistent is Balenciaga with its futuristic appeal.

I digress. G-Star is structured, architecturally contrived and totally wearable. It's like Diesel and where it should be...I should have an entry on Diesel someday...ha. I want everything that G-star offers. Even though its monotone, there's so much variation and detail that none of the pieces are boring.

Judge for yourself:

Website: G-Star

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