Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Anne Valérie Hash Couture Spring 2008: Still Young, Still Nude

Well if you know me, you know I Love illusory things. I love the first look, followed by the detailed look and how one is so different than the other. What's even amazing about this collection is that at first sight, it doesn't seem as though the pieces are see-through, but they are. It's this irony that I adore Anne Valérie Hash. I love that the clothes are see through but from a distant they're not. From a distance the clothes look simple, basic, but at a closer look it is engulfed with details and masterful fabric manipulation. Her concepts and construction, especially the geometric folds are just so masterful, supporting her credentials as a couturier.

See the rest of the collection: Anne Valérie Hash Couture Spring 2008

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Tabitha said...

so... nude is in too? got it.