Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Zegna Spring/Summer 2008

(Click image to enlarge)

When I'm in my 30s with assets exceeding 500gs, annual income of 100gs+, I will be a Zegna man. The tailored suit screams class. Zegna's elegance aesthetic appeal and their craftsmanship are notorious in the fashion industry, for the more mature generation. The younger one associates themselves more with D&G, Dior Homme, Jil Sander, etc.

These ads make me want to be a great mind, makes me want to have Zegna suits lined up in my Goyard chest for travels, makes me want to wear them after having the dry cleaner super starch them so after closing a deal in China, I could doubly, wear them on the great wall of china and frolick with Chinese children, whose wardrobes are also pristine and immaculate.

After my young and foolish, carefree phase, I want to be a Zegna man. I want to be a Zegna man now but finances and tailoring doesn't allow it. Yet.


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