Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Couture-off Spring 2008

Which gown would you like for your sweet sixteen?

Me? Why not both? Entrance with the Lacroix and change mid-way into Chanel. I think I should be a stylist for MTV's Super Sweet 16. Those children know diddly squat(nothing).

But seriously, these gowns probably took over 450 hours each to make. The intricate detail, sculpting, gems and jewels. I love the Lacroix's collar and how it accentuates her arms, or skeleton of an arm. What you're supposed to do is take it as it is, or take what you like it and alter the rest. For the Lacroix dress, I would take everything from where her hand meets up, and then from that point on, just have the dress fall directly down into a flowing gown. Maybe by doing that I'll also get 20000USD off of the price since less labor??

For the Chanel, I love the jewels and gems embroideries and the volume so I want to keep that. I would just shorten the trail and make it fall around my waist as well, but still with a little volume. Don't get me wrong, the dresses themselves are spectacular and if I was 6'2+ I would wear them, but for me, I will have to settle for slender silhouettes to stretch out my body average length body. Basically the dresses would turn out like below:

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