Monday, January 21, 2008

Mix-N-Match; Lavin Karan

Is it me or when I mix these two pieces, the detailed full skirt from Donna Karen and Lanvin's voluminous petal Lanvin top, it looks like a Carolina Herrera outfit? Heh. I love the Lavin silk flower top because it's so light looking. Even though a shoulder is bare, the top still radiates class. It comes close to even possibly replacing the white button up blouse/shirt. I could see someone from Vogue wearing this to work nonchalantly. I love how the look looks easy and effortless. The floral pattern on the skirt reference the floral fringe of the top. I instantly love the skirt when I first saw it and as I was going through Lanvin, I saw how they went well with each other. This look also accentuates feminity since the volumes of the skirt and the top highlights the cinch of the waist.

One rule to remember when trying to look effortless is to look clean, which means light colors. Sometimes, if you're wearing two pieces (instead of a dress) and you want to stand out and look effortless and airy, just throw on a new pair of white shirt or a bottom that is white (white skirt, white pants, white jeans). (Please note, there's a difference between neon colors and light saturated colors). And when wearing a light piece, like something white or light, bright yellow, one do one piece. Two pieces of the same color is too much, which is fine if you're looking for attention since your parents didn't give you any when you were little. Just remember it's negative attention.

Simple Examples(please note these are literal, of course there are exceptions):
1. Black top+black bottom+x=good outfit
x=white shoes and/or white belt and/or white pearls

2. neon yellow skirt+neon yellow top=GROSS
neon yellow skirt+white lanvin top=Better

3. pastel yellow bottom+pastel yellow=Sounds Gross
pastel yellow bottom+White button up blouse+pair of louboutin heels=Spring 2008

Rule of thumb to playing safe is to always have one piece that stands out to highlight it self, and to highlight the pieces that it's popping out from. Unless you're Parisian and into that dark, broody monotone. If you choose to do that(monotone), make sure there's One piece that pops out whether it is through the cut, or pattern.

Black jeans+black jacket+black louboutin+??=good outfit
??= black satin socks or satin shirt(black jacket goes over) or black button up shirt with tuxedo fringe going down
Example below...

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Collections: Lanvin Women Spring/Summer 2008, Donna Karan Women Spring/Summer 2008

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What an aesthetically satisfying hybridization!