Monday, January 28, 2008

Frankie Morello Spring/Summer 2008

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So, now that I have your attention after seeing those pictures, I want to talk about the brand. I'm sure you rather me just repost the pictures so you could look at them again, but just bare with me for tidbit and you could go back to enlarging the picture and then making it your desktop background, or whatever you do with such pictures...

Those pictures above are from Frankie Morello's lookbook for Spring/Summer 2008, modeled by Terron Wood, my current favorite male model. Frankie Morello is a men and women's wear company, with a more stronger focus in women's wear. It's one of my favorite designers for ready-to-wear. Three are two designers to the name and they're based in Milan. One doesn't normally find this brand on because...Well, frankly I can't speak about since I do not work for them or know how they function. Perhaps they didn't get invited, which I doubt bcause has access to their fashion show. Perhaps there were five other shows going at once and they didn't have someone on staff to attend to the show, which I also doubt because, com'on, It's, collaborators with vogue, and W. So as to the reason why you won't be able to find Frankie Morello on I have no idea. But a reason why you won't find them there may be becuase someone at doesn't think it's one of the big names or influencers in present-day fashion market, along with Cacharel, a brand I also love. Basically, they're, in my opinion, underrated, along with Cacharel, whose collection could also be found on . ANYWHO. (Frankie Morello @

So Frankie Morello is a brand that's super cute and chic. Have you heard of Dsquared2? Well, I prefer Frankie Morello over Dsquared2. Why? Because the cut are so much more contemplated than an evolved Diesel collection. As much as I love the twins of Dsquared2, Dean and Dan, their collection sometimes can be dry; however, I think what helps them is that it's hip and the colors are what people are going for presently. Frankie Morello, however, is more innovative. It's more cute and personal, less pretentious feeling than their competitors. Their website (Frankie Morello ) is cute and fun to navigate. What I like about companies based abroad is that it is less subtle in going after profit. Even Frankie Morello's about me on their website is told through a comic strip. I love the colors, it's new. It's not following that saturated trend. The only thing I could really point out that they're following trends on is that Amy Winehouse affect that Karl just went through for Chanel Pre-Fall in London. But aside from that, it's refreshing to see a collection that's fun and weareable, and not trying so hard.

Like Cacharel, Frankie Morello is going to get more face time in the future. I just feel it. Perhaps I may be bias because they're currently using Terron Wood for their lookbook. However, I have pieces by them and the cut fits well. By fitting well, I mean it accentuates the ass. Frankie Morello is also currently my friend's favorite, who's currently interning in Milan. She also met them and said the men are lovely. The brand is just fun and they don't make any facades about it. Other brands that had jumpsuits in their collection didn't seem fun for me. I didn't see a reason to buy them. With Frankie Morello, the colors, the patches that they incorporated into it points out that it's meant to be fun, like a union suit. And I like that, honesty in their presentation.

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