Wednesday, January 23, 2008

She sells seashell in her Chanel

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When Karl Lagerfeld went vacationing in Saint Tropez, after prancing about with his neck high, hands joined with Brad, he stumbled on some little girl collecting seashells and he thought, my little princcipessa (princess in Italian), you've inspired me for my couture show. And that's what brought about Chanel Couture SPring 2008. The folds and accesories screamed shells. Chanel was a clam, and the clothes were its pearls. The structure was stiff like the ridges of a shell, and I would like to think Karl is trying to tell me, or us, that there's life under the sea, which in this case means the east. Haha. Mini skirts makes the Japanese school girls scream, along with the flats making Amy Winehouse scream along with every American who love flats.

Now say it with me as quickly as you can for at least six consecutive time: She sells seashell in her Chanel.

So unless you have a wooping $500+ to dish out on a hair band, you better run to your nearest seashore or online seastore and start collecting those shells and strand them. I'm sure yours won't be as good and well made as Chanel's but, you'll be "ahead" of the trend. (Side note: extra brownie points for whomever brave enough integrate a conch into their brooch, headband, and/or whatever.)

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Tabitha said...

i need a seashell accessory immediately.