Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent Men Fall/Winter 2008 info

Pilati decided to showcase YSL men fall/winter 2008 collection via film. I haven't seen it uploaded around the net yet, but once I find it, I'll post it. I just saw Pilati in Arena Homme and he looked really attractive. He sort of let himself go here? He's such a cute adorable man though and I'm excited to see the video.

Pilati is continueing his collaboration with art through installation. Miuccia and Marc Jacobs are known for integratting art with their words but through different means for Vuitton and Prada. Whether it is through logos or fabrics, or prints, the two brands are synonomous with their creative director and the collaboration with arts. Pilati, I believe, is one of the most overlooked designer for his skills. If it wasn't for YSL, I don't think most people would even give him the time of day. He's still fairely new to the house, relative to how designers come and go in houses nowadays. However, his cut, designs, and incorporation of technology and art in his works are unprecedented. His men's collection last year incorporated paint splattered in a modern post-Pollock style through saturated colors, which other artists are following suit now. His minimalism speaks volume, like the piece Freja wore for the Spring 2008 collection.

I'll speak more when the video is released. I'm excited to see this menswear collection. The pieces are already more than they are (through construction and design) through their presentation via video installation.

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