Thursday, January 17, 2008

WWJH? (What would Jesus heal?)

Your "minor cuts," that's what!

-Are you religious and getting trouble from your ultra hip hippie friends?
-Are you a missionary going to the third world soon, looking for some gifts (that performs healing miracles) to convert doubters?
-Are you tired of boring ol' monotone earth tone band-aids?
-Did you scrap your knee after Anna Wintour pushed you down a flight of stairs for calling her outfit "ok"?

If you answered yes to one or more, I suggest you get these. For a mere $4 (well, $10.50 after shipping and handling, which means you should buy more than five to get your money's worth), you could own your very own jesus band-aid! Directions are simple, just stick your jesus band aid wherever you are hurt and let the healing begin. It's suggested that you should also pray for the minor cut(s) it's placed on for quicker healing.

Click here to buy it: Jesus Bandages

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