Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Omg, that Britney's Shameless"

Do you think in Britney's Piece of Me song, the lyrics that says "omg, that Britney's Shameless" was referring to her acts or her wardrobe? I think most of it is her wardrobe. I don't even understand where her style comes from. Influence wise. It's not L.A. scene, Hollywood glamor, or Louisiana southern Belle (this style is basically Hollister TShirt, Hollister tote, Hollister everything, like her little pregnant sister. JK! about the everything, maybe UGG shoes...). Her wardrobe malfunctions a little bit too much to be considered malfunction. It seems like her style is malfunctioning too.

As a fan, I'm hopeful and forced to believed that she understands the media's attention on her so she dresses this way to give the media what they want. But, she leads a different life at home. At home, she wears Chanel tweed jacket in her Library filled with first editions of Wittgenstein's Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung, deconstructionist, existentialist, logical positivist works, sippin' on a mojito because she likes the mint and sugarcane taste. She sleeps in a Pucci gown, shower, brush her teeth and change into a Christian Lacroix couture gown for breakfast, which consist of a baguette and butter freshly shipped from Paris in the morning, followed by changing into her public costume. A Britney Spears fan, fashion fanatic can hope.

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Tabitha said...

i don't even know if this is a facade... it'd be funny to picture the chanel tweed though. that brit is crazy