Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm currently having information overload right now! As you have seen, I've been trying to keep up to date on men shows from Milan and Brazil. I'm pretty much up to date on Brazil, or at least from the access that I'm given to. Milan, I still have another 17 to go! AND, that exclude the Paris men shows that started today!

If you're aware of the shows that go on within the small time of each city, the number of shows that I'm posting and will post are only partial of a whole, a little bit over half. However, they are the main shows in which little shows tend to follow suit. However however, this does not mean that small shows can be innovative and present possibly better collections than the main houses. It's know that 20% of houses and designers control 80% of the retail revenue. Therefore, if you have exposure of other collections, overlooked designers and labels, please let me know!

If you haven't noticed, I've been resizing and recroping images so that you get what you want to see, the clothes. Well...sometimes the model too, which I've also included instead of decapitating them.

I wanted to write at least a paragraph on each of the collections I've seen so far but since it takes so much time to crop them, put them together, upload them, it's difficult for my brain to focus on something comprehensible. Perhaps at the end of the season or a night I'll dedicate to pulling an all-nighter, I'll go back and do them.

I hope you've enjoyed them all so far. I've only started an interest in Rio fashion week this year and it's been an interesting week for them. Some of the collections are Extremely impressive, accentuating the bias of mainstream fashion. The least I could do was shed some deserving light to them among the milan, paris, and new york shows. I'll be looking out for the east shows to.

Hope you enjoy and please keep checking back to see more! Don't be shy to comment on what you think about the collections so far, as a whole or individually.




MR style said...

i've got the same problem dude !! that's mainly why i decided not to make any post of brazil fashion week even tough some of their collections are nice and the article about how young generation are interested in fashion now is quite cool !! thanks for that !! by the way i'd like to know if u'll be interested in showin me what you're designin cuz i want to make a post about designers-to-be and there are so many young and talented people around the world, so that's why i'm askin u ! i hope u'll like the idea and help me ! plus, i'd like to cat with u too if u'd like too !! so tell me if so !! and i'm gonna give u my email adress !! see ya

MR style said...

i meant "chat" sorry !!