Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Youth market gets suited up"

International Herald Tribune has this article on how...well... the "youth market gets suited up." Basically, the younger generation (20-40, I know. That's a big bracket), are getting more interesting in fashion, especially conservative post-modern dress up: the fitted Thom Browne suits, the Hedi Slimane-Dior Homme skinny silhouette cut. All this is pretty well known if you're a follower of fashion.

However, what I thought to be doubly interesting is that, this exposure to fashion from the younger generation is equally influenced by the more "liberal" look. The availability of choices of clothes are so huge that people have no problem expressing themselves and are willing to spend as much money in doing so. The youth generation doesn't just get suited up...they get expressive, personalized, and individualized. Boys and girl love Westwood, Galliano, and Holland, Pugh too!

But anyway, read the article. It's a fun short read.

Read rest of article: "Youth market gets suited up"

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