Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bangin' Bangle? : Marni

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I really like this bangle. It reminds me of third grade when I used to play with PlayDoh before it became really complicated. You know, before you could start sculpting the whole human genome project with them along with hydrogen polypeptides. Either way, the colors are totally in, that candy look. It's like you could be one of the cool druggied up kids on hallucinagens but without the drugs to see the colors.

Put in your image a clear day in central park (it HAS to be central park) and you're walking from the East side to the West side to meet with your less affluent friends for lunch in your bright yellow phillip lim mini skirt and Lanvin white blouse (which I've mentioned before in my previous post) wearing this bangle. The colors just pop out of your hand. And you know what? The beads may actually pop out of your hand, because if you enlarge the picture it's actually stringed together by a hair rubber band. I'm kidding. It's probably stringed together by something probably a little bit more stronger than that.

But word of advice, this bangle is only meant to be looked at from a distance because if you look close you kind of see the sewn fabric wrapped around something. As much as I'm sure Marni wanted to be avant-garde in juxtaposing plastic against cotton to show that they believe in the assimilation of nature and artificial creations, the twenty children that died to make this think otherwise. I'M KIDDING! You think kids have sewing skills?? It's 80+ year old italian women with their skin barely hanging onto the bones that make these. Actually, I don't know. But isn't it weird that we're ok with elder on respirators working but not ok with child labor? I mean, they're basically the same thing. I think they should let kids eat.

Back to the point, I love this bangle, it look and works great with a spring/summer wardrobe since Spring 2008 is all about colors. Spring is always about colors but you know, since VOGUE and W are accentuating it this year, it must mean it is REALLY about color.

You could purchase this bangle for a measly 375.45USD. If you make less than 20,000 a year, I suggest you go to you local Arts and Craft store and ask your little girl, or your grandparents (the key part to have is adept, thin figers) to help you try to imitate this lovely bangle.

Click to buy: Cloth Bound Bangle (Chilli), 375.45USD

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derekglasberg said...

I admire the bangle (and Khiem Tran).