Monday, January 14, 2008

Diesel Spring/Summer 2008

I'm not a fan of Dtiesel because every guido and wannabe fashionista wears it. However, it seems Diesel is noticing that their brand is being saturated with such people that they're establishing different lines to retain exclusivity. They also stepped up their advertising budget from 5 perecent to 7 percent for 2008. So for all you Diesel fans out there, don' worry, that little sliver on your jean pocket will remain. For those who likes Diesel from the distance but scared to relate yourself to those of the style impaired, Diesel is coming out with a Gold line, which I assume will be more fashion/style oriented than simple trends. I must admit, I do like their outerwear and shoes.

By the way, I love Sean Harju praying on the "prayer runner." Haha. Too cute.


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Tabitha said...

although i think diesel is like the designer for poor people, i really do like the ads. and i think the models chosen represent a certain demographic well. i like where your head's at.