Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Porcelain is in, the skin color that is

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If you're like me, you're probably over the tan crazed faze. Unless you're Argentenian or Brazilian or along the border of the equator, you should not look like you've been colored on with a light brown magic Crayola marker.

I even think Giorgio Armani and Valentino is over the crazed faze. Versace's skin is even showing sign of life instead of cracked clay. Even so, it doesn't mean I want them to have pale, vampire skin, which is totally in right now(vampire that is). However, their tan is more natural. Versace, Valentino and Armani do no get into their Bentley and go to Hollywood or Beverly Hill tan, they tan on their yachts. Like my friend's friend said,"Tanning on a boat is different than tanning in a bed with heated lights because of the reflection of the water." So unless you tan on a floaty in your swimming pool, please run to your nearest CVS and purchase the most porcelain foundation and concealer, white-out if you're dramatic and apply it all over your face and any skin that shows.

I'm kidding. But seriously, pale isn't back, but porcelain skin is. Since exclusivity is making a comeback and that's where high fashion is moving towards now, back to their roots, exclusive ideas of upper class are also coming back.

Tan used to be associated with those who work the fields, the outside, the help, the farmers, those with low income. Those with a lighter skin tone means you're able to enjoy lounging about in your home. This then changed when royalties started vacationing on the Mediterraneans. The tone of the tan was different; it was less dark that those that work outside. Tanning then became a status symbol of luxury because it meant you could vacation.

The idea of tan has now shifted again. If you go to the east, you could ask any asian culture and they will tell you that lighter skin is preferred to darker skin. That is if you ask someone that is older than 35. With the current shift in culture focus, from the west to the east, and the movement back to exclusivity and class, and Dita Von Teese(hah), lighter skin is now in the mode.

So, thought I share that little history with you and tell you to stop fake tanning because you'll just be out of trend, which is worst than getting cancer, which you also have a high chance of if you artificially tan, or tan for real. Basically stop tanning. Thanks.

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Tabitha said...

that's so funny i was just about to go tanning for the first time. i guess i shouldn't? but i'm not quite porcelain either. hot damn what to do