Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Obsession of the Day: Damier Louis Vuitton Loafers

The name of the shoe? Dynamique Loafer. Hah. I want to be a namer of products.

I digress.

The smooth calf leather, the Damier pattern on the vamp! I just image what it looks like looking down on it and seeing that Damier moka lacquer shinning back at me. It's a tad pricey($680), but it's Louis.

But for that same, price I rather get this Dior Homme shirt and wallet:
(Click image to enlarge)

Buy products seen here: Dior Mesh Jersey Tee (365USD), Dior Multicolored Canvas Bi-Fold Wallet (365USD), Louis Vuitton Dynamique Loafer (680USD)

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