Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Replies to Comments

Blogger MR style said...(to the Mulberry Spring/Summer 2008 post)
hey dude !!! why do u want to hate those ads ?!!!there are cool ! it's strange that u seem to like the jil sander one and hate that one ?

I think the colors are a little too somber for Spring. The ambience of the ad at least. It feels damp, like London rainy afternoon. When I think of the Spring campaign, I think of something airy and light and not something too heavy, although the Spring Prada ad is a little dark.

Molly said... from ( post)
Hi, is stuff from authentic? I was not sure if they were real or not. It would be nice if some one could let me know! And has anyone actually purchased anything from their site? is authetic. You can read it on this page. If the product comes with an authenticity card, the product you order will come with it. Most product will have them. I have ordered from before so the products I recevied are authentic.


MR style said...

well i understand what u mean but u dont necessary need swimmsuit or little skirts or stuffs seen on beaches because it's a S/S ad !! u see, fashion is for me a way to express our subjectivity on beauty, on what we consider as gorgeous or ugly !! so i dont care if the s/s ads look like somethin for winter time !! plus i dont buy clothes accordin to what are shown in campaigns !! of course it gives us some interestin ideas but u have to be selfish in fashion !! dont know how to say this but it's somethin personal, individual

MR style said...

maybe i've been mean !! sorry for what i said, i had exams so im quite nervous maybe that's why i answered that strange thing !!